Getting girls to get interested in STEM education is becoming a challenge for varied reasons.  Nikole Collins-Puri and her team have been changing this statistic for a greater cause.

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As we grow up, we can usually tell where our lives might go, and getting girls interested in careers that have been normalized as “men only” has become a challenge. As a social justice advocate and CEO of Techbridge Girls, Nikole Collins-Puri supports girls from marginalized communities to get interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Today she talks to Lindsay about what it means to be a woman of color leading a national organization that urges social change in our communities.

Nicole Collins-Puri is a social justice visionary, strategist, advocate, mentor and TEDx speaker who has committed her life to unleash the potential of untapped communities. She is a master collaborator who’s able to leverage her rich professional experiences in tech, philanthropy and education to bring diverse groups together. She is also a wife and a mother, a friend and a daughter, and most of all, an amazing woman looking to reduce the gender gap and the stigma there is in STEM education for girls.

In today’s episode, Nikole reveals how she shaped and formed Techbridge Girls in a way that one would have never expected. She shares what it’s like to be a woman of color in leadership and the philanthropy world, and her goal of helping one million girls around the world to come closer to STEM education. Listen now and learn the secret ingredient to Nikole’s secret sauce: heart work. 

What we chat about on this episode: 

  • (00:24) How Lindsay and Nikole met and the importance of supporting other women through philanthropy.
  • (02:26) The story of Techbridge Girls and the presence of female youth on STEM education.
  • (11:10) What it means for Nikole to be a woman of color in leadership and philanthropy.
  • (12:26) Nikole’s secret sauce and why her work is heart work. 
  • (15:45) Nikole’s thoughts and experience of expanding organizations geographically.
  • (21:43) How Nikole’s passion has helped her create a super powerful and clear message.
  • (23:46) Her vision for the future: helping one million girls. 
  • (26:53) Philanthropic needs and strategies to achieve her goals by 2030.
  • (29:29) The ideal board key roles and responsibilities according to Nikole.
  • (32:57) Nikole’s dream board size and the importance of contact when it comes to relationships
  • (38:17) Empowering our nonprofit leaders to guide resources where they are most needed.


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