Nonprofit strategist Tim Sarrantonio talks Giving Tuesdays, CRMs and Building the Future of Philantropy

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How your nonprofit can thrive during the crisis

“The reality is, every nonprofit right now, is an essential service, every single one. It’s all under attack by this virus and so what we need to do is stand up.” Click To Tweet

Human beings are kindhearted creatures by nature, and this kindness is even enhanced in difficult times like the current COVID-19 crisis. That’s why GivingTuesday Now has announced a second Day of Global Action for Giving and Unity in addition to the current Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving, to take place on May 5th, 2020. A passionate nonprofit strategist, Tim Sarrantonio, joins Lindsay in today’s episode to talk about the power of giving, and how to take important actions that will positively affect your nonprofit.

Tim Sarrantonio oversees Neon One’s ecosystem of software, consultant, and institutional partners that can address any nonprofit need. Neon One provides best in class products with NeonCRM, Rallybound, CiviCore, Arts People, and an ecosystem that ensures that over 27 product integrations and over 90 consultants are working to solve problems specific to nonprofits. 

In today’s episode, Tim will share important information that every nonprofit will find valuable. Navigate the basics of CRM and storytelling alongside timely tips for how to make the most of GivingTuesdayNow — an important global movement of kindness around the corner! This conversation is filled with tips and action steps you can take today to change the course of your organization for the best. Listen now and learn how your nonprofit can still thrive during the quarantine. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • (01:13) – Back to the basics of  Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and why curating modern donor engagements is impossible with archaic software.
  • (04:58) – The value of an integrated CRM capturing peer to peer, event-based and major gifts donor engagement and how Neon One compares to BlackBaud (Raiser’s Edge) and Salesforce for large and small organizations.
  • (10:16) – Everything you need to know about this new Giving Tuesday and the action steps to make the most out of it.
  • (13:16) – Tim’s ideas and resources to prepare quick and effective campaigns if you’re jumping on the Giving Tuesday wagon a little late.
  • (14:50) – How to increase engagement by telling a story and putting donors in the middle of it.
  • (16:50) – All eyes on the future: The message nonprofits should be delivering to donors during COVID-19.
  • (19:17) – His perspective and prediction on the usage of technology in favor of the philanthropy ecosystem.
  • (24:02) – The most critical information even the leanest nonprofit should be collecting in CRM!
  • (29:31) – The fruitful effects of being real and treating your donors like humans and not numbers.
  • (33:56) – How generosity is baked into our DNA and nonprofits are meant to guide donors to impact society in a positive way.

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