In this episode, Lindsay shares her expertise to discover why stewardship is intrinsically connected to the culture of philanthropy.

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Creating a culture of philanthropy with relationships at the center and fundraising as the byproduct

“Giving is human nature. When you lead stewardship efforts from the heart — starting with gratitude and abundance — donors feel fulfilled, liberated and inspired by their contribution to a shared mission.” Click To Tweet

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What’s the heart of fundraising? Why are donors genuinely happy to contribute to a cause? Giving is human nature. By inviting a donor to invest in change through funding an organization that addresses a shared vision, you are providing an opportunity for mission fulfillment. In other words, if philanthropy is the love of humankind, then fundraisers are conduits of love in action in a symbiotic relationship. After the gift is received, stewardship is the response. 

Stewardship of giving is the critical element to recognizing mission fulfillment, and it will ultimately merit continued giving overtime. In this episode, Lindsay shares her expertise to discover why stewardship is intrinsically connected to the culture of philanthropy. She offers statistics, tactics, strategies and resources that are both evergreen and innovative that will be relevant during this time of social distancing. 

Understanding the value of stewardship in the philanthropic donor lifecycle explains how major gifts and long-term donors remain loyal to organizations. Stewardship is about relationship management, fundamentally. It’s about supporting each other, seeing the interconnectedness, and mission fulfillment. Raising money is the byproduct of that engagement and behavior.

This episode is packed with insightful data, practical action-steps, inspiring techniques and rich examples for anyone seeking to foster and nurture relationships. Learn how to truly impact your donors and give something back to your beneficiaries through a powerful language and high-value conversations. As you finish listening, Lindsay’s tips will make you feel confident and inspired to take stewardship as your go-to strategy for fundraising.

Key Takeaways: 

(04:55) – The heart of fundraising and Lindsay’s key takeaways for philanthropic leaders.

(08:11) – The donor lifecycle fundamentals: identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

(09:47) – The classic forms of stewardship that demonstrate giving merit.

(12:08) – Review of donor acquisition, donor retention, and the value of stewardship.  

(15:14) – How transactional thinking sabotages partnership and impact.

(18:35) – Personalization, not perfection: Lindsay’s tips and techniques for stewardship in times of crisis. 

(23:11) – Crisis communication: how to convey care for this relationship as a fundraiser using stewardship in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. 

(30:10) – Examples of organizations that have pulled off high impact stewardship strategies resulting in unexpected donations.

(37:16) – How nonprofits can find opportunities to help their beneficiaries during COVID-19. 

(39:49) – Lindsay’s speaking points and a guide to how to properly approach donors during these uncertain times.

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