Bart Skorupa is a social entrepreneur that dedicates his life to inspiring leaders in crafting a better world.

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“It's always done with the community of people to support, no matter who had the initial idea. Usually, the initial idea sucks and it takes the community to help foment it into something better.” Click To Tweet

As we start on our own personal journey, we all learn and seek to transform our lives to have a better future. Today’s guest was shaped by two loving parents and knows best when it comes to creating opportunities and starting something good. Bart Skorupa is a social entrepreneur that dedicates his life to inspiring leaders in crafting a better world. He is a dear friend who will share with us how to stay balanced in our professional and personal life. 

Bartlomiej (Bart) Skorupa is a serial social entrepreneur and best-selling author who dedicates his life to inspiring leadership on a global scale. He’s passionate about launching and growing mission-driven organizations at the intersection of technology, philanthropy, and disruptive leadership.


Bart is a frequent panelist, speaker, and workshop facilitator at a variety of forums that focus on organizational and personal development. His work has been featured on NPR, Men’s Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, Bravo Network, and Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2014, Dell honored him as one of the 25 World Change-makers alongside Lauren Bush, Edward Norton, and Adam Braun. He is also a proud member of the Full Circle Fund, SOCAP, Opportunity Collaboration, Salesforce Ohana, and Summit Series families. When not working with tomorrow’s change-makers today, Bart finds inspiration and gratitude by reflecting on the joy of just being, right here, right now.


Bart is a mega influencer, a visionary, a leader, a four-time founder of impact organization, an author of a wonderful book, a speaker, a blogger and most of all, a family man. We might not know how he gets it all done, but he can shed some light on how he manages to create community for good and have an impact on others through his world. Discover why Bart’s first rule on a creative iterative process is to always take a bias towards action, all about his top-selling book on Amazon, Start Something Good, and the importance of being a co-parent to Bart. 

Key takeaways: 

  • (00:24) Bart’s story and his co-parenting decision to find balance in his life.
  • (02:00) How Bart manages to organize his schedule in order to be a co-parent.
  • (05:32) The place to begin in terms of taking a dream and putting in paper: Start Something Good.
  • (09:24) Climbing a mountain: On mission, vision and purpose.
  • (12:10) Scratching thoughts, having a mentor and being a top seller on Amazon.
  • (16:56) Being at the right place and time and the art of cultivating a relationship.
  • (22:47) Bart’s strategies on getting commitments and focusing on tech this 2020.
  • (30:40) A roadmap of opportunities to engage with new partners.

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