Maria Cristini is here to share with us through real-life demonstration, how to see the big picture and achieve our goals

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Goal achieving might not be the easiest thing to do, but a good way to start is with a personal goal-setting practice. Today’s episode is all about maximizing actability and concreteness through our habits. In order to do that, we have a special guest today: Maria Cristini is here to share with us through real-life demonstration, how to see the big picture and take daily inspired action. If you are having trouble setting personal or business goals, this is your chance to improve and clear this process.

Maria Cristini has two decades of experience as a trusted advisor to influential leaders focused on missions and impact to build a better society. She was the Board Chair and Executive Director of the Imagine Bus Project, that engages and inspires youth impacted by the juvenile justice system to successfully re-enter their communities and find a path to a fulfilling future. Maria has the ability to feel resistance and misalignment while seeing innate strengths and opportunities. From thriving outside of your comfort zone and focusing on positive societal outcomes to defining your brand and leaving a legacy, Maria gives a very powerful consultancy to move others and make a positive impact.

In this episode, Maria Cristini shares with Lindsay her 2020 vision and her main priority of helping others get clarity around their 2020 vision. Coaching has been such an amazing process to Maria that she has learned to trust and facilitate changes from the inside out in others. Learn how to stay with your essence and be more authentic, how to get in touch with what you truly desire and how to find confidence and courage through goal setting.

Key takeaways: 

  • (00:25) How Lindsay and Maria met, the Imagine Bus Project and how Maria helps people gain clarity.
  • (02:16) Maria’s experience as a twenty-year coach and the impact of her work on others.
  • (06:29) Essential tips on coaching and goal-setting.
  • (09:12) How you can become the most supportive accountability partner to someone else. 
  • (11:30) The best way to tell people it’s time to refocus on their goals.
  • (13:47) Maria on why coaching is different than therapy or consulting. 
  • (16:21) Taking a holistic picture of someone’s life and the wheel of life. 
  • (19:01) How to find the balance between priorities in your life, especially if you are a young person.

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