We chat with Richie Kendall, Co-founder and CXO of Cheerful, the first Millennial-native giving platform that rounds up purchases for nonprofit causes.

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How micro-donations and millennial giving trends are changing the face of philanthropy

“Philanthropy is going through a major transformation. The power of an individual to move and mobilize energy is unprecedented. Trends are shaping a new generation and a new way of interacting with one another. And when it comes to making… Click To Tweet

Millenials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation; 92% of them own a smartphone and 85% of them use social media to keep themselves informed and involved with the world’s problems. So how does this group’s behavior and the concept of one-click engagement impact giving? In today’s episode, we chat with Richie Kendall, Co-founder and CXO of Cheerful (a Goodworld Company), the first Millennial-native giving platform that rounds up purchases for nonprofit causes.

Richie Kendall is a classic millennial in that he is multi-talented with a broad range of interests and expertise that come together in his leadership. He is a student of film and media, storytelling, user-experience technology and business strategy. Richie’s entrepreneurial drive for good is rooted in his passion for extending compassion and support via community-based philanthropy stemming from an early childhood event that shaped the trajectory of his life. At Cheerful Giving, Richie and his team capitalize on transactional spending patterns paired with life events, social media, corporate spending, and global movements to activate big philanthropy through the masses. Focusing on ease of use and intrinsic human motivators like ideals and rewards, Cheerful provides corporations, individuals and nonprofits tools to aggregate funds for good.

In today’s episode, we discuss the revolution of socially-minded demographics and how this generation is making the world a better place. We explore changes in technology trends, social movements, and generational attitudes as they impact charity numbers. Also, listen for how Cheerful Giving engages with corporate social responsibility, the high impact community it has built, and how nonprofits can make the most out of the platform. Listen now to understand these generational trends, how one company is influencing change, and how you can participate.

Key Takeaways: 

03:32 – Richie’s background and the moving story that led him to philanthropy.

06:16 – The revolution of money donations, how social media makes social movements stronger, and the most charitable generation of them all.

11:05 – The Cheerful platform and how you can donate using only a hashtag.

12:38 – The business of philanthropy: making donations easier and teaming up with corporations to make a difference.

17:22 – How nonprofits are benefiting from being a part of the Cheerful ecosystem.

18:59 – Fundraiser or lead generator? How social media donations can affect nonprofits.

21:14 – How Cheerful helps small nonprofits find their voice and grow while building a high impact network.

26:56 – Transforming positive impact into rewards: how you can get an Impact Credit Card.

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