Congratulations on wrapping up your 2023 fundraising campaign! Now, it’s time to take your donor relationships to new heights in 2024 and beyond. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste – focus on nurturing lasting connections with your year-end donors.

Here are five essential objectives for engaging your year-end donor base in the new year: 

  1. Show Gratitude: Show your donors how much they mean to you. Thank them in meaningful ways, such as personalized emails, videos, or even an exclusive event. Neglecting gratitude can harm your organization’s reputation and lead to donor churn.
  2. Stakeholdership: Deepen engagement with your donors by valuing their input. Ask for their feedback and discuss their suggestions. Taking their opinions seriously strengthens your relationship and shows how much you value their involvement.
  3. Showcase Impact: Keep your donors informed about the impact of their contributions. Share the end-of-year campaign recap highlighting the results and how their donations are being used. Additionally, offer a sneak peek into your organization’s future plans and invite supporters to celebrate your shared accomplishments.
  4. Embrace Transparency: Build trust by being transparent with your donors. Share insights into your organization’s operations, challenges, and successes. Treat every donor, regardless of their contribution size, with the same level of respect and transparency.
  5. Foster Expansion: Let your donors know about your ambitions to grow your organization. Encourage them to increase their donations, advocate for your cause, volunteer, or participate in fundraisers. The possibilities for deepening engagement are endless.

Finally, don’t forget to wrap up your 2023 campaign with a detailed report for future reference including what you would like to do again, what you would pause, and what you would do differently. More detailed recommendations around wealth screening, segmentation, and donor “upgrading” are detailed in the Lindsay Simonds Consulting (LSC) Playbook, a valuable resource for launching a successful end-of-year fundraising campaign. It’s accessible and affordable. It includes a 10-part video series, a written playbook, and a synthesized two-page checklist to keep you on track to wrap up your 2023 end-of-year push and plant the seeds for 2024!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ignite your donors’ passion and create lasting relationships. Engage your donor base and achieve even greater fundraising success in the year ahead!