Our weekly Wednesday 9am MT/11am ET Clubhouse chats are full of robust conversation about topics within nonprofit fundraising. As always, please feel free to add and reflect on your learnings and experiences! Here’s some key takeaways from our chat about how to know when you’re ready for a capital campaign:

1. Your leadership is “bought in” (C-Suite, board, and volunteers). They understand the time commitment, believing in the cause, radiate “can-do” positive energy.

2. Your stakeholders feel involved in the strategic plan, case, and process — you’ve been in regular communication with key stakeholders and they’ve co-created key concepts.

3. You are equipped with staff / consultants who understand capital campaigns.

4. You have created clear goals that are based on your own unique data and network. Feasibility studies are the best way to get a “temp check” across the board—what shape your data is in, feasible goal size, gauging donor interest/leadership possibilities, etc.

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