Today’s guest, Andrew Kaufteil, successfully transitioned into the for-profit space over five years ago, after 15 years in the nonprofit work, and has never looked back!

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An open mind opens doors

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Transitioning from a nonprofit organization to a for-profit company can be an exciting professional change and powerful career move. After 15 years in the nonprofit work, today’s guest, Andrew Kaufteil, successfully transitioned into the for-profit space over five years ago. When he hungered for a change, he reflected on his core competencies and transferable skills to launch him into a new career — and has never looked back! He believes one can have an equally challenging, rewarding and impactful career in both sectors, when done carefully. Finding one’s sweet-spots and super-powers will open doors. 

With a burning passion for learning and connecting, he began his career in alumni relations at a small law school in San Francisco. As a recent law school grad, this was a mission-driven job aligning well with his passions. Years later when Andrew and I met in 2011 at the University of California San Francisco, he was the Director of Alumni Relations and known for his relationship management prowess. Ultimately, he felt compelled to broaden his professional experience and the world of marketing, consulting and design theory was calling his name. 

The nonprofit and for-profit spaces are in fact quite different, but the jump from one space to the other can be easier than you think. In this episode, you’ll hear how Andrew prepared to transition — and how you can too. He provides examples of the most compatible roles for newbies. If you’re curious about a transition or in hearing how the sectors compare and contrast, tune in! Listen now and by the time you finish this episode, you’ll feel inspired and surprised, as you spot career possibilities and opportunities lying right in front of you.

Key Takeaways: 

  • (02:08) – Andrew’s background and transition to the for-profit world, despite his passion for philanthropy.
  • (07:53) – Hunters and farmers: lead-generation and relationship management are universal skills, regardless of the sector.
  • (10:34) – Experiencing the best of both worlds: an insider’s comparison between the for-profit and nonprofit frameworks, models and sense of community.
  • (22:32) – The key entry points to a smooth career transition from the nonprofit ecosystem to the corporate space. 
  • (27:12) – How mission and values are preserved and shared, even in contrasting environments such as nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
  • (32:07) – Sky’s the limit: How to leave the non-profit space and keep growing in the for-profit space.
  • (35:32) – Fun, interesting and dynamic steps to take to move from the nonprofit to the for-profit space.

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