Tiffany Williams, CEO and Founder of Givly, and I explore a day in the life of a consultant.

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Reflections on a journey of major gifts and capital campaign consulting

“Here's the thing about fundraising. More than dollars and cents, it is about the operational process to get to that point. The question is: how do you activate teams, committees, staff and people to facilitate that and to make that happen?” Click To Tweet

Have you ever considered a career in fundraising consulting? What are the most critical transferable skills needed? Why does Lindsay always talk about “Case, Leadership, Prospects, and Plan”? 😀 

I’ve often been asked what it’s like to be a fundraising consultant and how I landed in this space. For me, it’s an opportunity to unite my intrinsic call to serve with my intellectual curiosity. Solving unique challenges and forging pathways to maximize for highest potential with each client is an adventure — and a privilege. As an engineer tinkers, explores, and discovers to innovate, improve and solve — so do I. A book I’ve recently read is Adam Grant’s Think Again. Books like this light me up as one who studies behavioral psychology and social sciences. I thirst for ways to rediscover ancient wisdom and reengineer ways of bringing people together through not only just the act of philanthropy, but also through systems thinking, creative problem solving, resource sharing and authentic being. 

In this episode a fellow consultant and dear friend of mine, Tiffany Williams, and I explore a day in the life of a consultant. In this interview you’ll hear the challenges we grapple with in terms of what clients we will take, and what we won’t; how to prioritize the assignment while opening the space to pressing current events and societal demands; and techniques of building trust. 

Like me, Tiffany came into this profession rather by chance, and now, after working in the field for more than 10 years and helping tons of nonprofits raise nearly a billion dollars, she has her own consulting firm, TJ Marie Consulting. Tiffany is also the CEO and Founder of Givly, a universal giving and stewarding platform designed to inspire and harness the philanthropic spirit among young donors. 

The highest benefit of hiring a fundraising consultant is building muscle memory. Most organizations hire consultants because they need to raise money — and quickly; what they get in return is goals met and best practice integration, long after the consultant has left.

Key Takeaways: 

(05:10) – Tiffany’s top 3 transferable skills: communication, organization, and grace.

(07:35) – What most clients need: dollars and the operational processes to get them.

(11:11) – Building systems for future success and how to crack the biggest challenges in consulting.

(16:04) – What brings us the most joy as consultants?

(20:21) – Pandemic connection: how to build a long-distance connection with clients.

(23:55) – Tiffany’s ideal client and her absolutely non-negotiables.

(27:22) – How to serve the greatest good? The push and pull between causes and donors.

(31:06) – Ethical dilemmas: how to focus your campaign without forgetting the bigger picture.

(36:00) – Tiffany’s golden advice for consultants!

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